A Composite Exhibition

A Composite Exhibition


The concept of sustainability has taken place in the World Charter for Nature for the first time, which was adopted by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) in 1982. The starting point of the concept of sustainability is based on the elimination of environmental problems and the protection of our planet in parallel with technological and economic developments. The fact that most of today's settlements are located in urban areas, causes cities to be under more negative pressure.

Despite the fact that the concept of sustainable cities is a new phenomenon, the city has to be discussed within environmental, economic, political, social, demographic, institutional and cultural purposes.

The theme of the 2nd International Urban, Environment and Health Congress to be held for the second time in 2018 is, "Future Cities". In this context, a "group exhibition" was planned where academicians can exhibit their scientific work within the scope of the congress with the idea that future cities will be sustainable. For this purpose, the theme of the exhibition was determined as "Sustainable Cities". The main subjects of the exhibition are in the fields of design, engineering, health and social. The specification for the exhibition is given below.

Exhibition Participation Fee: TL 250  

A Composite Exhibition Participation Specification     Application Form and Undertaking